Provide users with access to the employee portal

By doing so, participants can express their objectives and their needs from Random Coffee meetings.

Two different experiences are possible with RandomCoffee:

1- Provide users with an email experience, where they aren't sent a welcome email to sign up. A participant in a program will only receive RC emails in their inbox.

2- By sending a welcome email, users can create their accounts and set their preferences on the platform. By default, a welcome email will be sent to users while adding coworkers if you do not tick the box shown in the below screenshot.

pageWhat is a Welcome Email?

Benefits of Granting users access to the RandomCoffee Platform:

  • By using this method, you can launch a generic program without specifying any rules or use cases. Instead, participants can state their goals and need for meeting with colleagues.

  • In this way, they can state their interests and preferences and will be able to get an instant match.

  • Those who aren't proactive will also receive a match because another colleague reached out to him/her during their preferences setting.

pageSet matching preferences

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