Schedule sessions

Scheduling a session consists in setting the dates for opt-in (if enabled) and matching messages.

Schedule a session

  1. Open your program

  2. Go to the "Sessions" tab, and click "Schedule a new round"

  1. Choose a date and hour for sending the opt-in message (if activated in the Settings).

Note that you decide to send it now by clicking "Now" at the bottom of the selection panel.

Card colors are random.

  1. Choose a date and hour for sending the matching message.

In our example below, the opt-in message will be sent on June 4, and the match message will be sent on June 10. Between June 4 and June 10, the session will be "open".

  1. Choose the timezone for this session (below the match message date)

  2. Select a recurrence between :

  • One time only

  • Every week on same days

  • Every 2 weeks on same days

  • Every 3 weeks on same days

  • Every 4 weeks on same days (every month)

  1. Then, click "Save".

What is an open session?

An "open session" is a session for which opt-in messages have been sent, but not yet matching emails. It's the time interval between sending the opt-in messages and the matching messages.

During an open session, you can view the following graph in the "Session" tab of your program, updated in real time:

It gives you information about:

  • the starting date of the round (i.e. the date when opt-in messages have been sent)

  • the date when the matchs will be sent

  • the number of opt-ins (in the screenshot above, only 3 people have opt-in, for a total of 131 opt-in messages sent), i.e. the number of participants to the session

  • the number of people who declined

Even if the session is "open", you can update the session schedule and decide to send the matching message earlier or later than planned, by clicking the "Update this session schedule" button.

View all your upcoming sessions for a specific program

With the planning view

Open your program, go to the "Sessions" tab, and visualize at a glance all your planned and past sessions.

Use the timezone list to visualize your planning in another timezone.

With the list view

You can also view sessions via the list view, especially if your sessions are far apart in time.

Just switch views thanks to the dedicated button, next to the "Schedule a new round" button.

You can also view all your sessions of all your programs in the "Planning" section of the "Programs" panel.

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