Slack integration for RandomCoffee

By combining the power of RandomCoffee's matching algorithms with the collaborative nature of Slack, we are making it even easier for colleagues to connect, and build meaningful relationships.

3 good reasons to connect Slack to RandomCoffee

πŸ“‘ Streamlined communication

With the Slack integration, RandomCoffee users can now receive their match notifications and program updates directly in their preferred Slack channels.

πŸ™‹β€β™‚οΈ Automated user provisioning

Upon granting RandomCoffee access to your Slack workspace or channel, the user base on Slack will be seamlessly added to the RandomCoffee platform. This automatic sync ensures that all users can participate in the RandomCoffee programs without any additional setup.

πŸš€ Multi-channel experience

By selecting specific Slack channels, you can easily define the target audience for a particular program, ensuring that the right people are included and fostering connections among relevant teams, departments, or interest groups.

How to install it?

Setup the Slack Integration

  1. Open the "Settings" panel, and go to the "Configuration" section.

  1. Select the "Slack integration" card and click "Install"

  1. You will be redirected to a Slack page requiring permission to connect with RandomCoffee. Click "Allow" to grant required permissions.

To complete this stage, you must be authorized to grant required permissions.

  1. Back on the RandomCoffee app, you can now select if you want RandomCoffee to provision all your Slack users or only specific channels.

RandomCoffee will automatically fetch the corresponding Slack users in the members database.

Existing members (duplicates) will be updated, and member variation (add/remove) from your Slack workspace will be automatically synchronized in RandomCoffee.

By default, RandomCoffee is not allowed to access private channels, but you can add private channels to RandomCoffee easily, by following the steps described in the next section.

Include private channels

  1. Go to your desired private channel in Slack

  2. Type this command /invite @RandomCoffee inside the chat bar

  3. Once done, RandomCoffee will return a success message

  4. Go back to RandomCoffee app, you should now find your private channel (marked by a lock icon)

Please note that the old Slack bot will stop running if you uninstall it and connect the new Slack.

Those who have already installed it but never removed it, continue to have their matches. But as soon as you uninstall it and install the new one, you can't go backward.


What is the Slack integration for RandomCoffee?

The Slack integration with RandomCoffee is a new feature that allows organizations to receive match notifications and program updates directly in their Slack channels, enhancing the RandomCoffee experience and fostering seamless social connections and collaboration among colleagues.

Will all existing RandomCoffee Programs be switched to Slack mode automatically by setting up the integration?

No, you will have to choose the type of communication as β€œSlack” in the β€œCommunication” section in each program settings to ensure that the communication would be delivered through Slack.

Can I still use the email communication channel for RandomCoffee programs?

Of course! When you enable the Slack integration, you stay free to choose your preferred communication channel in the settings of a program.

Can I choose the audience for each RandomCoffee program using Slack integration?

Yes, with the Slack integration, you have the option to select specific Slack channels as the audience for each RandomCoffee program. This allows you to target connections among particular teams, departments, or interest groups.

How does the automatic user sync work with Slack integration?

Granting RandomCoffee access to your Slack workspace will automatically sync your Slack user base with the RandomCoffee platform. This ensures that all members within your organization can participate in RandomCoffee programs without any additional setup.

Can I choose a channel instead of the workspace while integrating Slack into RandomCoffee?

Yes, with the Slack integration, you have the option to select specific Slack channels instead of giving access to the whole user database in the Slack workspace.

Can I use RandomCoffee within a private channel?

Yes, you can! To do so, you need to invite RandomCoffee (/invite @RandomCoffee) to this private channel to be able to choose it as an audience while setting up your program.

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Can I share RandomCoffee cards within Slack channels?

Absolutely! With the Slack integration, you can easily share RandomCoffee cards within your Slack channels. Celebrate your coffee chats, showcase interesting discussions, and inspire others to connectβ€”all within the collaborative environment of Slack.

What happens to RandomCoffee members that are not part of my Slack workspace?

Members who are not part of your Slack workspace will not be affected by any of your Slack programs. However, they can still participate and receive match notifications through other available channels (Emails, MS Teams) if it's enabled.

Can I deactivate RandomCoffee in a private channel?

Yes, go to the "Settings" panel, then open the "Configuration" section and open the Slack Integration card. In the "Provisioning" section, remove the private channel from the list.

Can Slack integration and HRIS integration work together?

Yes, you can combine the Slack integration with the HRIS integration to enrich your users' data not present in Slack to create powerful and accurate matchmaking rules.

In this case, users provisioned by Slack who are also present in your HRIS are automatically recognized with their email address and are automatically enriched with data from your HRIS.

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