Update member(s)

Update multiple members at once

You can update multiple members' values at once, via a .csv file import.

  1. In the "Members" panel, open the "All members" section.

  1. Select all members by checking the box on the left of "Name".

  1. Open your .xls file and make any change you want:

Update values for existing members by change the desired values in the file.

In the example below, the changed values are in blue.

  1. Save your file as .csv.

  2. Upload your modified file by clicking on the "Add new members" button, and selecting the "Upload a member list" option.

If enabled, the option to "Send a welcome email" will only be applied for new users.

After uploading the file, you will notice that the members list has been updated based on the changes you've made to your file.

Update one (or a few) member(s)

You can update values manually directly from the Members list.

  1. Look for the member(s) name(s) in the list.

  2. Tick the box besides the member(s) name(s) to select them.

To deactivate many members at the same time, use the first method mentioned in this article.

Note that if you're using the Slack or MS Teams integration, members are automatically synchronized. However, you can still import a .csv file to enrich your automatically synchronized members list with new categories for example.

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