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This is where the interesting stuff start! Let's put your use cases into practice!

Create a program

You can choose a template within our "Use Cases Library", or create the program of your dream from scratch!

Get inspired by our "Use Cases Library"

Access the "Use Cases Library" in the "Programs" panel.

You can filter the "Use Cases Library" thanks to the pre-defined labels (Remote work, Networking, Communities, Mentoring, Onboarding, Events), but you can also look for a specific one via the search bar.

All these program templates are inspired by real client use cases, and are fully customizable.

After selecting the right template, customize it to your needs!

... or create your own program from scratch

pageCreate a program from A to Z

✨ Pro tip

Do you want to test your program before releasing it?

  1. In the "Categories" section, add a category called "Test" (drop-down list with only 1 value called "Beta Tester").

  2. In the Member list, choose several colleagues to include in this test: click on their names and select "Beta Tester" in the "Test" field.

  3. Once you've set up your program, go to the "Communication" tab and select only "Beta Testers" as your audience.

  4. Go to the "Sessions" tab and run a test session!

Schedule your first sessions

It's time to go live and let the connections blossom! 🌸

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