Create a program from A to Z

This article shows how to create a program from A to Z instead of using one of the "default" programs from the "Use Cases Library".

Looking for a specific use case, but can't find what you're looking for in the library?

Create your own program!

STEP 1 - Setup your program

  1. In the Programs panel, click "Create new program"

You will be redirected to the Use Cases Library.

  1. Select the "Create from scratch" button.

  1. Setup the program Settings: choose a name, and a goal for your program.

The program's goal will be visible in:

  • your list of programs (Admin view)

  • the booking page (Member view)

  • the list of programs in the Member Portal, if activated (Member view)

  1. Without clicking "Create" for the moment, go to the next tab called "Matchmaking". Here, you can define your group size as well as selecting the matching algorithm best suited to your use case.

πŸ”— Discover all the matching algorithms you can leverage

In the example above, we recommend to create categories - before creating the program - called "areas of interest" and "skills" in order to match the right Green Mentor to the right Green Mentees.

πŸ”— Learn more about categories

  1. Without clicking "Create" for the moment, go to the 3rd tab called "Communication". Here, the selected communication channel is Email.

  2. Select the audience of this program.

The audience is based on categories.

  1. If you want to exclude Admins from the program (i.e. you don't want Admins to be matched), activate the corresponding option.

  2. Click "Create". New tabs will appear: "Sessions", "Booking", and "Results".

STEP 2 - Personalize your program

  1. Go to the "Settings" tab and indicate, in the "Type of participation" section, if you want to let members choose whether to participate in sessions ("Ask for participation") or not ("Automatic participation").

  1. Go to the "Communication" tab, and scroll down to access the Emails personalization section.

If you selected the "Ask for participation" option in the Settings, 2 emails will be sent: the opt-in email and the intro email.

If you selected the "Automatic participation" option in the Settings, only 1 email will be sent: the intro email.

  1. Select the email type (Opt-in / Intro Email), and click "Customize".

  1. Customize your email templates!

You can personalize:

  • The sender (by default, the sender is, but you can modify it)

  • The subject of the email

  • The email content (logo, text, buttons... almost everything!)

The url associated to the "Yes, I'm in" button or link (opt-in for the session) must be: {{request_link}}

The url associated to the "No, thanks" button or link (opt-out for the session) must be: {{reject_link}}

In the intro email, do not remove the section:

{% for coworker in coworkers %}

  • ()

{% endfor %}

It enables to automatically display the names of the members who are matched together in the intro email.

However, feel free to add other information, especially using "Merge Tags", to personalize your intro (by adding the department values for each member for example). Some merge tags are linked to previously created categories.

Note that the "Meeting's organizer" merge tag allows you to randomly select a member from the group to be responsible for organizing the coffee. The Meeting's organizer is not the Admin.

πŸ”— Learn more about personalizing opt-in and intro messages

Once done, click "Save & Exit".

  1. Go to the "Booking" section now. Here you can set up a booking page so that your participants can plan their RandomCoffee (virtually or not!). Choose the default meeting duration (participants can still adjust it when booking the meeting), the meeting title, and the meeting description.

Once done, don't forget to add a button in your matching email with the variable {{schedule_meeting_link}} as an url, so that participants can access the booking page!

Members can add their availabilities in their Member Portal for a smoother experience (if the Member Portal is enabled by the Admin).

πŸ”— Learn more about Bookings

Once done, click "Save".

Your program is ready! Congrats πŸ₯³

The next step is to schedule your first sessions.

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