Active & inactive members

How does it work?

By default, all members are active, which means that they can be invited to RandomCoffee sessions.

A member can be inactive if: β€’ The member has been deactivated by an Admin β€’ The member unsubscribed from RandomCoffee β€’ The member's email address is wrong (bounced)

What happens when users are inactive? β€’ Inactive members can't receive emails from RandomCoffee. β€’ These inactive members don't affect the participation rates. β€’ Inactive members are still shown on past metrics and KPIs. β€’ Inactive users can be reactivated, and their matching history will remain.

If your members are automatically synchronized via your HRIS integration: members already in your member list before HRIS sync will keep their current status.

For example, your existing inactive users will remain so even if they are synchronized with HRIS.

How to know if a member is active or inactive?

You can check whether a member is active or inactive from the "All Members" panel, in the "Members" section, in the column called "Status".

By default, only active members are displayed in the Members list. Click on "Show all members" at the end of the list to display inactive members as well, or select the inactive users from the filter next to "Status".

How to deactivate or reactivate members?

Follow the steps described here.

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