2️⃣Add members & enrich your database with categories

The second step consists in adding your members to the platform, and organizing the members' list using categories.

"Members" refer to the individuals added to your RandomCoffee platform. Each member has a unique identifier: his/her email address. Each member may also have profile information (Country, Department, etc.), called "categories".

However, categories are optional. They allow you to unlock more advanced matchmaking rules, but you can perfectly enjoy the full RandomCoffee experience without adding any.

Add your members to RandomCoffee!

pageAdd member(s)

✨ Pro tip

If you'd like to test RandomCoffee before inviting all your colleagues, you can! Simply add a few colleagues for a pilot phase. If you don't have anyone to test the application with, contact us at support@random-coffee.com – we'll be your guinea pigs! πŸ˜‰

Create the right categories to get the most out of RandomCoffee

Creating categories is a powerful way to enhance your ability to manage, understand, and engage your members effectively. By organizing and enriching member profiles, editing program audiences, creating precise matching rules, integrating detailed profile information, and filtering dashboard views, categories enable you to optimize the use of RandomCoffee and ensure that your programs deliver maximum value.

pageManage categories

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