Remove member(s)

When removing a member, their data will be permanently deleted. We recommend you to deactivate members if you want to keep their data history.

Remove one (or a few) member(s)

  1. Open the Members panel and go to the "All members" section.

  2. Look for the member(s) name(s) in the list.

  3. Tick the box besides the member(s) name(s) to select them.

Please note that if a member is in multiple workspaces, their account won't be deleted. It could be deactivated instead.

Remove several members at once

  1. In the "Members" panel, open the "All members" section.

  1. Select all members by checking the box on the left of "Name".

  1. Open your .xls file and add a new column called "to remove".

  2. Indicate, for each member, if you want to remove it or not, by adding "YES" or "NO" next to each name.

  1. Save your file as .csv.

  2. Upload your modified file by clicking on the "Add new members" button, and selecting the "Upload a member list" option.

  3. When mapping the new columns with the existing ones, create a new category called "To remove?".

Make sure to untick the "Send a welcome email" option box before clicking "Continue".

  1. Click "Continue". You will get the following success message.

  1. Click "Go to members" to access your members list.

  2. Filter the "To remove?" category that you just created by selecting the "YES" option.

  1. Once your list is filtered with the members to be removed, select all these members by clicking on the box next to "Name".

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