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Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

I'm new to RandomCoffee. How and where to start?

Welcome! β˜•οΈ Read our Ultimate Starter Guide to get started like a pro!

What happens at the end of my free trial?

At the end of your free trial, if you did not subscribe to the Pro or Enterprise Plan, you will be automatically switched on the Free plan and asked to choose the Program to be preserved. All other programs will be permanently deleted. The Free plan has the following limitations: 1 Program, 1 Admin, only 20 members matched in all sessions (always the same 20 members are matched even if you have more active members in your members list).

What happens with a new .csv upload?

New profiles will be added, existing ones updated, and members who are inactive in your existing RandomCoffee database will remain inactive. ⚠️ Do you have open sessions currently running? Be careful! By adding members, they may be included in these sessions according to the matching rules you've set. In the same way, these newly added members may be involved in future sessions of all your programs, unless they are not concerned by the matching rules you have set up.

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Can I get a preview of opt-in/match messages before launching my program?

Yes, you can have real-time previews of opt-in/match emails and cards (for Slack / MS Teams) in the "Communication" tab of your program.

If you are using the Email communication channel, you can even send test email(s) to yourself to check if everything is fine in terms of layout and content. Note that merge tags do not work in test emails. From the "Communication" tab, select "Opt-in email" or "Intro email", and click "Send test email". An email will be automatically sent to your email address.

Can I add several Administrators?

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Depending on your current plan, you may be limited in terms of number of Admins:

  • Basic: 1 Admin

  • Pro: 3 Admins

  • Enterprise: on demand

What are Active and Inactive members?

By default, all members are active, which means that they can be invited to RandomCoffee sessions.

A member can be inactive if: β€’ The member has been deactivated by an Admin β€’ The member unsubscribed from RandomCoffee β€’ The member's email address is wrong (bounced)

What happens when members are inactive? β€’ Inactive members can't receive program communications (such as opt-in and matching messages) from RandomCoffee. β€’ These inactive members don't affect the participation rates. β€’ Inactive members are still shown on past metrics and KPIs. β€’ Inactive users can be reactivated, and their matching history will remain.

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What if a member didn't receive RandomCoffee messages?

In that case, we recommend to check first if:

  • this member is active

  • the email address is correct (if the communication channel is Email)

  • the member is part of your program's audience

Then if everything looks good:

  • check the spam box (if the communication channel is Email)

  • verify the whitelisting* of the email sender (if the communication channel is Email)

*Before adding members to RandomCoffee, we recommend to have our domain "@random-coffee.com" whitelisted by your IT department, to ensure your members will receive our emails. Indeed, by default, all opt-in and matching emails are sent by: "RandomCoffee" <juliette@random-coffee.com>. You can also add your own sending domain, to change the sender name and address.

Can Slack/MS Teams integration and HRIS integration work together?

Yes, you can combine the Slack/MS Teams integration with the HRIS integration to enrich your users' data not present in Slack/MS Teams to create powerful and accurate matchmaking rules.

In this case, users provisioned by Slack/MS Teams who are also present in your HRIS are automatically recognized with their email address and are automatically enriched with data from your HRIS.

If there is an odd number of opt-ins, what happens to the last person?

The last person will be added in a group randomly.

Example: you setup a program with a group size of 3, and you have 64 opt-in. Then you will have 20 groups of 3 and 1 group of 4.

How to help people start a conversation together, especially if they're rather introverted?

You can add conversation starters to your match messages, and/or provide the link to this section to your employees!

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