Everything starts with a well defined program...

What is a program?

A program is a project created by the admin to connect members for a specific purpose.

You can benefit from a wide range of program templates in the "Use Cases Library", or decide to create your own program from scratch.

You can filter the Use Cases Library thanks to the pre-defined labels (Remote work, Networking, Communities, Mentoring, Onboarding, Events), but you can also look for a specific one via the search bar.

Programs status

A program can have different statuses.

Running programs

Running programs are active programs, including:

  • Programs with upcoming sessions planned ("Next round on ...")

  • Programs without upcoming sessions planned ("No upcoming session for now")

Inactive programs

Inactive programs are programs that have been paused.

You can reactivate an inactive program at any time.

Draft programs

Draft programs is an old status that do not exist anymore. We keep it because some clients may still have draft programs in their interface.

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