❓FAQ for Members

What is RandomCoffee?

RandomCoffee is a networking platform that connects individuals within an organization or a community for the purpose of building relationships, exchanging ideas, and fostering collaboration.

How does RandomCoffee work?

RandomCoffee uses an algorithm to match members based on shared interests, goals, or preferences. Once matched, members can schedule a virtual/physical coffee meeting at a mutually convenient time.

Can I connect with someone I've already been matched with?

The algorithm takes into account the matching history of users, so you can be matched with new colleagues every time. This also depends on the number of participants, the matching rules set by the Admins, and your preferences. In some cases, you might be matched with the same person more than once, but this is rare.

Can I change my interests or preferences for better matches?

If your Admin enabled the Member Portal Access, you can update your profile and interests at any time to improve the matching process and ensure you're paired with individuals who share similar interests.

How often can I participate in RandomCoffee meetings?

This depends on the frequency chosen by your Admin. Additionally, if your Admin enabled the Member Portal Access, you can instantly match with your colleagues from there at any time and specifying a goal. You will be automatically paired with someone who shares the same goal. You can schedule meetings as often as you'd like, as long as suitable matches are available.

Can I provide feedback on my RandomCoffee experience?

Absolutely! We value all user feedback. You can send your feedback to the Admin at your organization or directly to us at support@random-coffee.com.

I've been matched but I'm a bit afraid of not knowing what to say to my group (I'm shy!), can you help me?

Sure! You can try these conversation starters, they are sorted by program type ;)

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