Add new categories

There are three ways to add categories. It's either using the bulk option, where coworkers are added simultaneously, or using the SCIM provisioning or the manual option.

To add more categories, you can manage it by two options:

1- Add the new categories to your existing file, and re-upload it on the platform. This will save you time since it can be managed easily, as shown in the below screenshot.

Note that the file should be converted to .csv before being uploaded.

2- Add the new categories manually only if you don't have an extended list. This is shown in the below screenshot.

3- SCIM provisioning

Note that you can manage profiles manually if the categories already exist. However, it is better to add/edit users through the bulk option, if the categories do not exist and need to be added.

  • If you have abundant members to add, we recommend the bulk option.

  • The categories "First name", "Last Name" and "email address" are mandatory. Your file must contain at least three columns, the first name, last name, and email address of each member to be added.

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