How do categories work?

Categories are profile information and other labels linked to each coworker. Add and manage your categories in the "categories" section of the "Admin Panel."

The categories are the coworker's profile information you, as an Admin can collect, such as the “Department”, the “Function” or the “Location” etc. Each category corresponds to a number of values: “marketing”, “communication”, and “human resources” for example "Department" values and “Paris”, “Berlin”, and “Lisbon” values of “Location”.

  • Categories are data the Administrator can collect and are used to:

  1. Organize your membership list

  2. Edit the program's audience

  3. Create relationship rules

  4. Integrate profile information into the contact email

  5. Filter/Segment Dashboard View

  • Categories and values are also useful for members accessing their interface to:

  1. Update their profile

  2. Set their preferences

  • Create and manage categories

There are several ways to create categories. Categories and category values can be created:

  1. Manually

  2. Via a .csv import where you add users at the same time

  3. Via SCIM provisioning

When you have a lot of categories to add, we recommend using the bulk option, where you can add the types of categories on the CSV file and upload them.

Good to Know

As an Administrator, you can hide categories from members limiting their choice in terms of Preferences and Instant Match. By default, any category is visible and available among the options in their preferences and Instant Match sections.

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