Change profile information in the Matching Email

By default, the name and email address of the coworkers appears on the first block. You can also add other information to your template.

  • To add information to the block, click on it and then click the “Merge Tags” button

  • Then, choose the information you want to add among First Names, Program's Name, Company Name, Unsubscribe Link, or Coworker.

  • To add a user, click “Coworker”, then choose the category of information to add (full name, email address, job, location, team, gender, seniority, salary).

When your group size is 2, and the number of participants is odd, write a statement explaining why they are matched with two other employees instead of one by adding this variable {% if coworkers|length == 3 %} to your match email template.

To know more about this hypothesis, please check out this article.

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