"Send Test Email": How does it work?

This Admin feature is to check how the templates of the opt-in and matching emails display in your mailbox.

While creating or editing a program, in the Email Templates tab, you can click on "Send test email" as shown below to receive a test email in your mailbox. You will be the only one to receive it.

This is applicable if you as an admin chose "Ask for participation" in the "Participation section". If you chose, "Do not ask for participation", then only the "Matching Email" will be sent to the users. So, you will be able to "Send test email" for the "Matching Email" only.

Please note that when you want to send a test email for the Match Email, you'll be matched with yourself, as you haven't been matched with anyone, so your information will appear twice in the email's template as shown below.

  • The links in these test emails are inactive.

  • The way the emails are displayed in your mailbox might differ between Gmail, outlook,...

  • The objective is to check how the adjustments you've created on these emails would fall in place in your Mailbox.

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