How does the algorithm work?

The RandomCoffee algorithm is an optimization algorithm which means that the matching would take into account the rules chosen whenever possible.

The algorithm is set in a way to generate a matching for all participants (people who clicked "yes" without any exception. The algorithm is linked to the Matching Rules and Preferences set by the users* or admins.

There are two options for matching rules with the "Cross Group" & "Group Composer" algorithms.

With the "Cross Groups"

1- Add a "Cross Category rule" which is a simple rule to create matches between the same/different category.

2- Add a "Cross groups rule" which is a more sophisticated rule in which you could allow or prohibit matches between categories as shown below.

With the "Group Composer"

You can assign the seats based on the number of the group size chosen to specific categories.

You can also create "cross category" & "cross groups" rules as with the "cross groups" algorithm.

If you set matching rules (Simple or Custom), the algorithm will match participants based on the rules you've set, knowing that it will take into consideration the rules set by order (1st rule applies 1st, then 2nd, etc...)

The participants would first be matched based on the 1st rule which is people from different departments, and then people from different teams will be matched.

For example, let's say you have a program with an audience of 400 people and 100 participants for a specific session among which 90 people are from the marketing department, and 10 people are from the communication department.

In this case, 10 people from the marketing department will be matched with 10 people from the communication department. However, the rest will be matched based on the 2nd rule which is people from different teams will be matched together, and of course when possible the 1st and 2nd rules will apply. To avoid this, you can use the "Group composer" algorithm which creates matches only based on the rules stated.

* Users are the people added to the instance knowing that they can add their preferences in case the welcome email was sent to them by the admin.

For more information about the "Welcome email", please read this article.

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