Different types of programs

We've got some tried-and-true default use cases that you can customize to suit your needs. You can change meeting frequency, customize messages, adjust group sizes, and set specific matching rules.

Have you got several ideas in mind that you want to implement, but don't know where to start? Here, you can see the templates we’ve created for you, and you can choose one that suits your needs. You can even choose more than one.

What types of programs would you find in our library?

  1. Give your new hires a smooth onboarding experience: Being a new hire requires you to establish a network. With our programs, you can introduce new hires to onboarding buddies, lunch buddies, and other teammates to make their transition as seamless as possible.

  2. Bring your remote teams together: Even the most distributed teams can build friendships and trust by launching virtual coffee meets, arranging peer learning opportunities, and creating internal networks for new hires with RandomCoffee.

  3. Peer-to-peer Learning opportunities: By using our programs, you can connect with peers for learning opportunities and spread knowledge within your organization. Have you ever considered creating a mentorship program? Interact with different departments and encourage job shadowing. It's as simple as creating a Slack channel.

  4. When it matters most, bring the team together People are more likely to stay engaged, connected, and energized when they celebrate big moments together. Whether working remotely or in-office, company celebrations let teammates celebrate significant milestones and enjoy their shared history and accomplishments.

  5. Make connections & Networking across departments or distance Establish authentic relationships by ensuring that teammates from different departments or locations are familiar with one another. Engage teammates from different locations to minimize the distance between them. By encouraging internal networking, organizations can reduce employee turnover rates since team members feel more connected and have a clearer understanding of their organization's mission.

  6. Community-building Communities create a sense of belonging. When members feel a sense of belonging, they are motivated to perform at their best and commit themselves to what they care about most. You also build a network through communities. This is what you'll accomplish with such programs within your organization.

  • In “My programs”, you have a view of all the programs you have chosen. The status of those programs would either be running or paused as shown here below.

Note that: you can choose as many programs as you wish, reflecting all the use cases we provide to achieve the goal of providing your employees with a sense of belonging to their company.

Previous programs that were set as drafts will have the same status in the new RandomCoffee version.

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