Setup a booking page for your program

Bookings allow each participant to schedule their randomcoffees in one click for a smoother experience and improved number of meetups.

How it works

For each match, all matched participants can access a common RandomCoffee booking page from the meeting message:

They are redirected to a booking page (without necessarily needing to have a RandomCoffee account) where they can visualize meeting slots for their randomcoffee and book one of them in their agenda.

Once the meeting has been scheduled, each participant receives a confirmation email + an invitation in his calendar and can reschedule or cancel the event:

In the meantime, users can set their availabilities and timezone in the employee portal, which are taken into account by the reservation system to offer only the best compatible meeting slots.

For more info on availabilities, see below:

pageDefine matching availabilities

How to setup a booking page

Customize the booking page

  1. Go to your program details

  2. Go to the "Bookings" tab

  3. Set the meeting title, description, and default duration

These info will be visible on the booking page for all users to help them contextualize the meeting

Add the booking page to your message

To add a link to the booking page you need to insert the {{schedule_meeting_link}} variable in your match message template:

  • Inside a button:

  • Or by using the "merge tags" feature:

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