Deactivate a single user

Members can be "active" or "inactive". Only active people can receive RandomCoffee emails.

Here is how to deactivate an active user:

1. Look for the person's name in the coworker's section

2. Tick the box beside the coworker's name

3. Then click on the "dots" next to "Visible fields" and select "Deactivate users"

Please note that by default, the coworker's section only shows active coworkers. You can use the status filter to see all users (active and inactive)

What happens when users are inactive?

  1. They won't be shown in the Coworkers section. In other words, you can still add users to replace the deactivated ones.

  2. Those inactive users won't receive RandomCoffee emails. They won't affect the participation rates of the upcoming rounds.

  3. Inactive users will still show in the past metrics and KPIs.

  4. Inactive users can be reactivated, and their matching history will remain.

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