How to setup a program with Microsoft Teams integration

We are happy to announce the release of our latest updated Microsoft Teams integration! This improved version brings a bucket of new features and allows you to get the most of RandomCoffee.

You can now push your randomcoffees direclty into Microsoft teams while managing your programs right in the randomcoffee platform.


Prerequisite: The Microsoft Teams integration works by associating a RandomCoffee program with a Microsoft Teams team.

So It is required for the first installation to have at least one existing RandomCoffee program to connect to the team.

Step 1: Just create a new program in your regular RandomCoffee workspace.

You will configure your program later after associating it with your Microsoft Teams team.

Step 2: Go to the "Settings" section in the "configuration" tab and select the Microsoft Teams integration card:

Step 3: Click on the Install button:

Step 4: Select "Add to a team" option

Step 5: Select your desired team and click "Set up"

Step 6: Select the RandomCoffee program to associate

Step 7: Well done! Your program is succesfully associated to the team. The RandomCoffee bot will send a confirmation card to the team:

Step 8: Click “complete setup” (or go to your randomcoffee workspace) to finish setting up your program by choosing your matching rules, personalizing your message, and scheduling upcoming sessions.

You're done! Sessions for this program will be sent directly into Microsoft Teams

💡 The connected program should appear as configured to "Microsoft teams" in your randomcoffee workspace:

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