How to upgrade your Microsoft Teams integration to the newest version

We are happy to announce the release of our latest updated Microsoft Teams integration! This improved version brings a bucket of new features and allows you to get the most of RandomCoffee.

You can now push your randomcoffees direclty into Microsoft teams while managing your programs right in the RandomCoffee platform.

Reinstallation required

If you're been using RandomCoffee before and already have the previous version installed, you will notice that the old version of the integration no longer works when returning to the "RandomCoffee" tab:

To take advantage of the new version of the integration, you need to uninstall the RandomCoffee app in your team space in order to reinstall and update it.

Depending on your organization and/or workspace, you may need appropriate permissions to execute the manipulation below.

Step 1: Select your desired team in your teams side panel -> click on more option "..." -> click "Manage team"

Step 2: Go to the "Apps" tab -> search for RandomCoffee -> click on the trash icon to uninstall the app:

💡 Note: You can also go to "Apps" -> "Manage your apps" to see all the teams where RandomCoffee is installed. You will be able to uninstall it-all from there:

Step 3: Once the app is uninstalled, you're ready to proceed with the regular installation of the app:

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