Deactivate or Remove users in bulk!

This article shows you how to deactivate/remove users from the RandomCoffee platform quickly and efficiently.

Step 1: Export your list

  • Navigate to Coworkers → Select the whole list (by clicking on select all coworkers) → Actions → Export in .xls

Step 2: Update your list

  • Update the list by adding a new column that can be named "To deactivate/remove"

  • Then, update the status of each user by adding a yes or no next to each name

For more information, check this article on How to update the coworker list.

Step 3: Filter your list

  • Once done, you can re-upload the file to the platform.

For more information, check this article about how to add users using the bulk option.

Make sure to tick the box next to the message "I do not want coworkers to receive a welcome email" before re-uploading the file if you don't want to send our Welcome emails.

  • Filter on the "To deactivate/remove" category that you've created and choose "Yes"

  • Select all those employees with this value by clicking on the box next to "Name".

Step 4: Deactivate your list

After choosing the users stated as "yes to deactivate", go to "Actions" and click on deactivate/remove users.

Deactivated users will still appear in the list of coworkers. However, they won't take the seats of new users.

The removed user's data will be permanently deleted.

To know more about deactivating a user, check this article.

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