Update the user's list

If you want to add new users, deactivate users, or link users to a new category, follow the below steps which would help you update your coworkers list without spending much time.

You already know how to add coworkers using bulk, manual, or invite options.

  • To add new coworkers:

  1. Download the existing file you have on the platform

  2. Add new users by filling in the required information in their respective columns. The red font indicates the updated information made on the existing file.

  3. Save the file as CSV.

  4. Upload the file

The new users will be added to the platform, and the existing user's data will be updated.

  • To update the coworker list:

  1. Download the existing file you have on the platform

  2. Add a new column/s to this file

  3. Fill in this column/s with the respective information of each coworker

  4. Save as CSV

  5. Upload the file

After uploading the file, you will notice that the user's list has been updated based on the changes you've made to your file.

Please note that if you re-upload the user's file using the bulk option, there will be no duplicated values. As a result, existing users will not be affected. Only the new updates on this file will be mirrored on the platform.

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