How to setup your HRIS integration

HRIS integrations are available for Pro plan and Enterprise plan

This article explains how to setup the HRIS intergations, to know more about how HRIS integrations work, please see our dedicated article:

pageHRIS integrations: how it works

Connect your HRIS

RandomCoffee supports 50+ of the most popular HRIS systems on the market. Click here to see the full list of supported integrations.

1. Go to Settings -> Configuration -> HRIS

Click the HRIS card -> click on "Connect HRIS":

2. Select your HRIS

Select your HRIS from the available integrations list:

Click on your desired integration and fill the required info:

The pre-requisite information may differ depending on the HRIS you want to connect, and some HRIS require prior configuration (such as creating a token or authenticating the RandomCoffee application).

Please refer to your supplier's documentation or your IT department for the correct information and configuration.

Once you have entered all the required information, click on "Save". You should be redirected to this view:

Prepare your first synchronization

At this stage, no user has yet been synchronized with RandomCoffee. Before to run your first synchronization, let's check the synchronization options for a perfect configuration that fits your need:

Field to import

These are the default available and supported fields for any HRIS integration.

For each field selected, a category will be created in RandomCoffee and users will be imported with their associated values.

We recommend at first to select only the needed fields for your RandomCoffee usage.

Custom fields may not be available by default depending on your configuration or HRIS, please contact our support team if you don't see them

Audience to be imported

You can apply field-based filters to delimit the population you want to synchronize with RandomCoffee.

This saves you having to synchronize the entire population of your HRIS, and allows you to involve only those people who are relevant to RandomCoffee according to the audiences of your programs.

e.g. below: only synchronize Marketing and Product people


Once you're okay with the above settings, click on "Run you first sync" to initiate synchronization.

At this stage, you should see:

  • synchronized users appear in the "people" section

  • fields to import created as categories in the "categories" section:

And you're done!

To know more about how HRIS integrations work, please see our dedicated article:

pageHRIS integrations: how it works

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