FAQs for End-Users

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is RandomCoffee?

RandomCoffee is an online platform that connects users with like-minded individuals for virtual coffee meetings. It aims to foster networking, collaboration, and social interactions in a fun and casual setting.

How does RandomCoffee work?

RandomCoffee uses an algorithm to match users based on shared interests, goals, or preferences. Once matched, users can schedule a virtual/physical coffee meeting at a mutually convenient time.

How can I access my account?

You only need to log in using your email address if you're organization has implemented the SSO. (No need to use a password)

What kind of conversations can I have during a RandomCoffee meeting?

RandomCoffee meetings are intended to be casual and open-ended. Users can discuss their interests, hobbies, professional goals, or anything they feel comfortable talking about. It's a chance to get to know new people and share experiences.

Can I skip a RandomCoffee match if I'm not interested?

Yes, if you feel that the match is not suitable for you, you can skip it by sending your match an email letting them know you can't meet this time. It's essential to ensure that you have meaningful conversations with compatible individuals.

Can I connect with someone I've already been matched with?

The algorithm takes into account the matching history of users, so you can be matched with new colleagues every time. This also depends on the participants, matching rules set by the admins, and your preferences. In some cases, you might be matched with the same person more than once, but this is rare.

Can I change my interests or preferences for better matches?

Absolutely! You can update your profile and interests at any time to improve the matching process and ensure you're paired with individuals who share similar interests.

What if I need to reschedule a RandomCoffee meeting?

Life happens, and rescheduling might be necessary at times. If you need to reschedule a meeting, communicate with your match and find a new mutually convenient time.

Is RandomCoffee only for professional networking?

While RandomCoffee can be great for professional networking, it's not limited to that. Users can also use the platform to meet people with similar personal interests or hobbies.

Can I invite my friends to join RandomCoffee?

Absolutely! RandomCoffee encourages users to invite friends, colleagues, or acquaintances to join the platform and expand their network. Word of mouth could be great in this situation as you will be encouraging your colleagues to create social connections. You can connect with the admin within your organization concerning this.

How often can I participate in RandomCoffee meetings?

This depends on the frequency chosen by the admin. Also, you can have instant matches with your colleagues at any time simply by accessing your account and specifying a goal where you will be automatically matched with someone having the same goal. You can schedule meetings as often as you'd like, provided there are suitable matches available.

Can I provide feedback on my RandomCoffee experience?

Yes, RandomCoffee values user feedback. You can either send your feedback to the admin at your organization or to us directly at support@random-coffee.com.

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