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What if there is an odd number of participants with a 2 people Group Setup?

Every participant (employees who opted-in from the proposition email) will be matched. In the case of an odd number of participants, we will have a unique match of 3 people.

Can we customize the Welcome Email?

This welcome email is super generic and can not be customized. The only templates that can be customized are opt-in and match emails for each program.

Can we send a Reminder email?

Our IT manages the Opt-in email reminder, which sends reminders the day before the match email assigned date and time - only if the current session participation rate is lower than our client's weekly standard. The reminder email template is identical to the Opt-in email template with a “Reminder” mentioned in the subject line.

What are “active” & “inactive”?

RandomCoffee emails can be sent to “Active” co-workers only. People with an “Inactive” status don't receive emails from RandomCoffee anymore. People with an “inactive” status could have been deactivated manually by the Admin, automatically if the email address is wrong (bounced) and/or if the employee unsubscribes.

Can we change the email sender?

Yes, the custom email sender is part of our Add-ons. Please send a request here for more information.

What if a user didn't receive RandomCoffee emails?

In that case, we recommend first checking if this user is active with the correct email address & part of your program's audience, then if everything looks good, check the spam box and verify the whitelisting of the email sender. For more details please send us an email here.

What is an open session?

An open session is when employees receive a proposition email but not yet the match email. The employees of the audience have until the math email is sent to opt in or opt out of the open session. A session is the admin-defined repeated experience (Opt-in email + Matching email).

Can I add Administrators?

Yes, you can add an Administrator by selecting his profile, then “Action” and “Grant with Admin Access”. For more info click here.

Can the opt-in and match email templates be edited each month?

The email templates could be edited and updated at any time.

Can we save the email templates (Opt-in and Match emails)?

Yes, the email templates can be saved for future use. This is done by using the Send test email button, where the email template will be sent to your mailbox and saved.

What happens if users choose preferences which are different than the matching rules?

These users will be matched with people who have chosen the same preferences as them, and if there is no one with the same preferences, then the matching rules assigned by the admin will apply.

What happens with a new CSV upload?

New profiles will be added, existing ones updated, and people who are inactive in your existing RandomCoffee database will remain inactive. You can reactivate people by adding a new column to your file to identify the users who need to be reactivated (Category value should be set as "to reactivate")

My question isn't included in this list!

Please send us a note here.

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